There are so many ways in which one can define miniature paintings including size, technique and proportions of depicted subject according to actual object that is being portrayed. This type of art started in Western World through the illumination of the manuscripts. These were small paintings that included portraits featuring saints and angels and scenes of routine life in Middle Ages.Once printing press came into existence, manuscript artists started to paint the miniature portraits as well as other small artworks for royalty and private patrons. Owners of these pictures used to carry them sometimes in their pocket or bag just like we do with photographs of the loved ones nowadays.

The technique used for making these paintings requires the considerable amount of detail which needs one to have a close observation. There are so many different surfaces and painting materials that are used for creating these pictures. Miniature needs to include some of the basic principles of color variations and composition.

These miniature paintings also vary in their sizes to a considerable extent. The standard set by some of the professionals is 5×7 inches or less which also includes the frame as well. However, they can go as large as 11×14 inches. Sometimes, experts do not look at size factor, and all they care for is miniaturization factor of the paintings. It means that all they care about is that objects depicted in the paintings should be smaller compared to their size in actual life.

Miniature paintings are a great source of decoration in apartments Dallas Uptown. There are so many different reasons for which they are gaining popularity. They have a smaller size which makes them an appropriate choice for getting displayed on the walls of the apartments. You can also use miniature paintings in the form of groups for decorating larger interiors in the apartments, and they can be the best alternative to those single big-sized images. Furthermore, miniatures tend to be too much affordable as compared to those big-sized paintings. People who appreciate that uniqueness which is the hallmark of original art would love to have miniatures and they do not have to spend too much on them either.

Another option for using these miniatures as the décor item in Dallas apartments would be as tabletop displays. They can be great for decorating your shelves, coffee tables, fireplace mantles and other similar areas in the apartment. They are not just the great decorative option for the apartment you live in, but you can also use them as gift items that you can send to your family, friends and colleagues as well.

So, the next time you are going to decorate your apartments in Dallas, and you are short of ideas that you can use for decoration use miniature paintings in a variety of ways possible. This will give your apartment a completely new look that you’ll cherish.

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