What is this machine called? A leaf blower or a dust blower ... Where is the dust going? On this day it was blowing over to the AC units on the Lincoln Mall. What's in the dust? Winter's cumulated road chemicals and sand.


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Here's what one 'blower' manufacturer says about dust:
Never use a leaf blower to move excessively dusty materials.
• A leaf blower should
NOT be used to clean up: — Large amounts of gravel or gravel dust — Construction dirt — Plaster dust — Cement and concrete dust — Dry garden topsoil / Use a vacuum or power broom with water.

SOURCE: www.npeco.com/index.html?lang=en-us&target=d11.html

IF the noise disturbs you

IF you've heard about the polluting fumes of the blowers

IF you seen 'leaf' blowers used on hard surfaces (not gardens)

... you may want to know that more than
400 communities nation-wide have either banned blowers or imposed strict controls.
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The best link on the subject of "blowers" and a comprehensive source of practical information is ZAP (Zero Air Pollution) in Los Angeles.

The most complete 79 page technical study available as pdf from the State of California's EPA in 2000 or from its web site.

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